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In July 2023, Feaniks is opening its doors to customers for the first time. From the get-go, we want to show the world who we are, what we believe in and why we care.



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As we launch our platform to serve health and social care organisations, a simple truth is staring us in the face. The sector is facing challenges far greater than one system can fix on its own. The very people who inherently bring care and compassion to the front line day-in day-out are facing unprecedented struggles. The very people we rely on to make lives better for everyone else are feeling exhausted and undervalued and having the heart knocked out of them.

The sector is precious; it is what it is because of the people who work within it and make a difference every day. We can’t expect fruit in the orchard if we don’t take care of the trees.

Our ethos will always be about making a difference, making change. This campaign recognises that we cannot make this one on our own, neither can we stand by and watch this happen without speaking out. But we can offer a platform of support, a place where stories can be heard, frustrations aired and wrongs acknowledged, and we know there are changemakers out there who can help.

While we don’t claim to offer a magic solution that will fix the many issues facing health and social care in our times, we have channelled all of our expertise into building a platform that seeks to redefine the status quo and challenge conventional thinking when it comes to training and its vital link with employee happiness and retention. By really understanding what needs to happen, individually, collectively and systemically, we want to tackle complexity with simplicity.

For us, health and social care is, always was, and always will be about the people. The people we learn with, the people we learn from and the people we learn for. Everything we do is centred around a simple framework: networks and circles of support for people. We never want to lose sight of those individuals or lose them to other sectors. We want people to stop asking “Why would anyone do this job?” and instead tell the world “Why I’m proud to do this job”.

Why would anyone do this job?

Why I am proud to do this job!

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‘Why Would Anyone Do This Job’ launched by a start-up online development platform for professionals within health and social care – Feaniks – has shown that the problems for NHS workers go far beyond pay.

Feaniks’ ‘Why would anyone do this job?’ campaign is taking the form of an online platform documenting some of the most extreme experiences faced by health and social care workers in the workplace.

A new website called Why Would Anyone Do This Job? has been launched by online development platform Feaniks so workers can share their most extreme experiences in a safe space – and to encourage people to think about what goes on behind the scenes.

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Feaniks’ approach to learning goes beyond the simple “skills” element of workplace training.

It builds up, out and around this by providing a framework for managers to test competencies, gain feedback, assess shortfalls and discuss common issues with their peers. The outcome? Staff are more skilled, more motivated and incentivised to stay. Managers are better equipped to lead, saving time and reducing burnout. With data at your fingertips, you can improve training organisation-wide and better understand your staff.

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