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Scalable learning for organisations of every size

We’re here to help you make the right decisions for your training needs, with different purchase options to best suit the size of your organisation.

Here at Feaniks we’re not a fan of “one size fits all”. We want all learners – from individuals expanding their knowledge base to organisations with thousands of employees – to be able to benefit from our eLearning content in a way that works for them. For this reason, we’ve developed two ways of accessing our platform:

Get the full benefit of a Feaniks curriculum

Our skills-based eLearning courses are at the heart of our offering, but the true value of our platform is all the additional resources, reporting capabilities, online assessments and collaboration spaces that we offer as part of a curriculum.

The following features are included when you purchase a curriculum:

  • Course introduction
  • eLearning course
  • Knowledge test
  • Certificate of completion
  • eBook
  • Work-based competency assessment
  • Micro learning course
  • Course evaluation
  • Collaboration channel
  • Monthly online webinars for managers on key topics

Pick and mix our Feaniks courses

To keep our eLearning offering as affordable as possible, we also offer the option to purchase our courses individually.

The following features are included when you purchase a course:

  • eLearning course
  • Knowledge test
  • Certificate of completion

There are two ways to purchase

Buy a course or curriculum in a few clicks

The option to purchase a course or curriculum through our website is available to everyone, whether a single learner or a large operator.

  • Access for 1 year
  • No Contract

Get in touch with our team to receive a bespoke quote

If you want to set up your team in your own personalised ‘department’ on the platform, our sales team is on hand to draw up the exact offering that suits you and your employees.

    Frequently asked questions


    What is the difference between buying a course and buying a curriculum?

    If you buy a course, you will have access to only the elearning course on the platform. If you buy a curriculum, in addition to the elearning course you can access other functionality on the platform including ebooks, webinars, analytics, online observational assessments, etc.

    You can buy either a course or a curriculum through our website, to get access for 1 year with no contract, or as part of a bespoke quote through our sales team.


    Do I have to be a business/organisation to buy a course or curriculum?

    No, anyone can purchase a course. It is important to us that everyone who wants to develop their professional skills can access the best quality training through Feaniks.


    Can I have a demo of the platform before I purchase?

    Within the next few weeks you will be able to request a demo through our website.


    Is my information secure on the Feaniks platform?

    Feaniks meets the compliance standards laid out by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    Still have questions?

    Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

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