Analyse and individualise your workforce's development

Empower your workforce

The key to building a successful workplace culture is a skilled, empowered and nurtured workforce along with a motivated and supportive leadership team.

Feaniks’ approach to learning goes beyond the simple “skills” element of workplace training. It builds up, out and around this by providing a framework for managers to test competencies, gain feedback, assess shortfalls and discuss common issues with their peers. The outcome? Staff are more skilled, more motivated and incentivised to stay. Managers are better equipped to lead, saving time and reducing burnout. With data at your fingertips, you can improve training organisation-wide and better understand your staff.

Benefits to your business


your workforce with industry-leading course content


your managers with coaching webinars and forums to learn and share their experiences


your managers by giving them the toolkit to engage with staff one-on-one to address challenges and growth opportunities


all policies, procedures and protocol documents in one online collection

Platform benefits

Experience reporting flexibility by customising and automating reports, configuring admin dashboards and tracking your team’s progress in real-time

Streamline your onboarding process by scheduling tasks and setting up collaboration channels for your learners to interact and engage

Create personalised learning experiences by setting up specific learner pathways based on group or individual needs

Reduce administration workload by using our smart workflows and advanced automation

Ensure compliance by regularly assessing and monitoring training quality and progression and developing ownership among managers and supervisors

Keep your learners engaged with customisable public dashboards displaying industry and organisational news and company’s social media feed

Motivate your learners by using leader boards that incentivise them to move up the ranks

Safe Handling and Administration of Medication

Scalable learning for organisations of every size

Covers mandatory training as well as a variety of additional courses

Buy a course or curriculum in a few clicks

The option to purchase a course or curriculum through our website is available to everyone, whether a single learner or a large operator.

  • Access for 1 year
  • No Contract

Get in touch with our team to receive a bespoke quote

If you want to set up your team in your own personalised ‘department’ on the platform, our sales team is on hand to draw up the exact offering that suits you and your employees.

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