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Staff retention in health and social care is crucial on so many fronts. 

Care is fundamentally about relationships, understanding another human's needs when they don't have the ability to care for themselves. High staff turnover has a negative impact on those relationships and directly affects the quality of care, not to mention the huge number of hours needed to train staff in working practices and culture and the hidden cost of constant retraining. 

At Feaniks we firmly believe that …

the right training delivered in an accessible and engaging format, plus …
the right support and framework in place to empower managers, and …
the chance to improve and nurture your workplace culture …

… all combine to help you increase employee job satisfaction, reduce burnout and ultimately improve staff retention.

Platform benefits

Experience reporting flexibility by customising and automating reports, configuring admin dashboards and tracking your team’s progress in real-time

Streamline your onboarding process by scheduling tasks and setting up collaboration channels for your learners to interact and engage

Create personalised learning experiences by setting up specific learner pathways based on group or individual needs

Reduce administration workload by using our smart workflows and advanced automation

Ensure compliance by regularly assessing and monitoring training quality and progression and developing ownership among managers and supervisors

Keep your learners engaged with customisable public dashboards displaying industry and organisational news and company’s social media feed

Motivate your learners by using leader boards that incentivise them to move up the ranks

The health and social care bundles and courses we offer



Health and Social Care Course Bundle

11.5 hours (approx) 12 courses

A bundle of 12 eLearning courses which cover Mandatory and other aspects necessary to provide safe, effective and compassionate care and support.

£225 Per user + full LMS access

12 Courses included
  • Safe Handling and Administration of Medication
  • Health and Safety Awareness
  • Infection Prevention and Control

+ 9 more


Safe Handling and Administration of Medication

1.5 hours (approx)

A comprehensive course for anyone involved in handling or administering medication in any setting

Health and Safety Awareness

70 minutes

A comprehensive introduction to all aspects of health and safety suitable for anyone employed in any care setting

Infection Prevention and Control

60 minutes

A course which provides a comprehensive awareness of Infection Prevention and Control for any employee of any care setting

Safeguarding Adults

60 minutes

A course which covers requirements for Adult Safeguarding for anyone working with vulnerable adults

Food Hygiene

45 minutes

A course suitable for anyone involved in food service or preparation which comprehensively covers food hygiene requirements

Dementia Awareness

45 minutes

An introduction to Dementia suitable for anyone who is likely to come across dementia within their role

Manual Handling Awareness

45 minutes

An introduction to manual handling suitable for anyone who will be involved in moving or lifting anything or using display screen equipment

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

45 minutes

A course to raise awareness of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for all employees

Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

45 minutes

A course which explains the concepts of the Mental Capacity Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards for anyone who works in any care setting

Fire Safety

45 minutes

A course on the basics of fire safety suitable for anyone employed in a care setting

Nutrition and Hydration

45 minutes

An introduction to food and hydration suitable for anyone involved in supporting with eating and drinking in any way

Learning Disability and Autism

2 hours (approx)

The Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training on Learning Disability and Autism is the standardised training that was developed for this purpose and is the government's preferred and recommended training for health and social care staff.

Team Leading

60 minutes

A course which supports existing or aspiring Team Leaders to engage their team and lead with Compassion and Purpose.

Customer Service

60 minutes

This course is suitable for anyone who deals with people in their role within Health or Social Care .

Safe Handling and Administration of Medication sample

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