Transform your learning culture from within

In simple terms, Feaniks is an online development platform for professionals. But we are so much more than that – we are a connected universe that inspires learning, embeds positive training practices and strengthens your workplace culture from the inside out.


Develop a transformational learning and training culture within your organisation

Feaniks’ approach to learning goes beyond the simple “skills” element of workplace training. It builds up, out and around this by providing a framework for managers to test competencies, gain feedback, assess shortfalls and discuss common issues with their peers.


Learning has never felt so relevant

We put compassion, communication and collaboration at the heart of our training. Gone are the repetitive, boring formats of traditional online courses. Learn from leading industry professionals, hear real personal stories and work with your manager to embed what you learn in your everyday job.

Our values


Passionate about bringing a new approach to professional development to the market, and compassionate towards businesses in challenging industries based on the firm belief that they want their employees to succeed and be happy.


Having people, their needs and their value at the heart of the business. Not preaching or demanding but understanding and anticipating.


Genuine and approachable, with a true desire to change the existing training landscape for the better. Simplifying concepts to make them easy to understand rather than relying on jargon or marketing speak.


Thankful for the positions we hold and grateful for the contribution of the changemakers who engage with us, acknowledging and appreciating their importance in all that they do.

Scalable learning for organisations of every size

Buy a course or curriculum in a few clicks

The option to purchase a course or curriculum through our website is available to everyone, whether a single learner or a large operator.

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Get in touch with our team to receive a bespoke quote

If you want to set up your team in your own personalised ‘department’ on the platform, our sales team is on hand to draw up the exact offering that suits you and your employees.

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