How to Make Professional Training More Engaging 

Professional training sometimes has a bad reputation. But it doesn’t need to be mundane and unengaging. In fact, when it’s done properly, it can be quite the opposite. The right approach to professional training and development can help an organisation thrive, helping to keep workers engaged in their work and invested in their workplace. 

In some organisations, there is a constant focus to complete the training to meet compliance targets, making it appear more as a checklist that needs to be ticked-off. Of course, compliance is important, but unless the negative connotation of training being perhaps a burden or a chore is turned around, positive focus on learning being a way to improve lives is lost. Here at Feaniks, we know a lot about how to make training more engaging. Read on to learn how you can create and deliver workplace training and development programmes that are digestible, relevant and compelling.  

Professional training and development

Professional training and development is integral to the success of any organisation. Workers with more knowledge and skills are not only better at their jobs, but more motivated and engaged.  

Engaged employees are more likely to: 

  • Contribute innovative ideas 
  • Collaborate effectively on shared work  
  • Adapt to changes  

On top of this, providing the right support for your workers’ professional development can also help improve staff retention, further helping your organisation to grow and improve.  

How to make training more engaging

  1. Offer interactive learning experiences

One of the biggest benefits of online training courses like those we offer is how interactive they are.  

Where more traditional approaches to professional training often involve one-way communication, your organisation can make training more engaging by encouraging workers to actively participate in their learning and development.  

Crucially, you should also encourage your employees to provide feedback. This can help keep managers engaged in their workers’ professional training, which in turn improves your organisation’s ability to adjust your training programmes as needed.  

  1. Be flexible and responsive

We touched on this above, but it deserves highlighting: the best learning experiences understand that different learners respond differently to different ways of teaching and adjust accordingly.  

As an organisation, you should make sure that you have the ability to adjust your training as you go.  

  1. Provide personalised learning paths

Similarly, you should try to seek out courses designed for the needs of each individual team and worker. This means focusing not just on how your individual employees learn, but on what they need to focus on to get better at their specific job.  

  1. Embrace diversity of learning

Finally, the most successful approaches to professional training and development embrace a wide variety of learning techniques.  

This can include providing short, focused lessons that can be peppered throughout the work day, facilitating interactive webinars and collaborative working, and more.  

Training for healthcare professionals 

Proper professional training is especially important in the healthcare sector, which has strict mandatory statutory requirements for things like health and safety.  

Some ways to keep professional training engaging for healthcare professionals include:  

  • Incorporating real-life case studies, to illustrate the real-world importance of training 
  • Staying up to date with scientific advancements and developments in ways of providing care 
  • Facilitating role-playing exercises to simulate complex medical scenarios and explore ways of responding 

Keeping your workers engaged and invested is crucial in a sector that can be as high-stress as the healthcare sector can be – especially because, as we at Feaniks emphasise, caring fundamentally depends on maintaining engaged relationships, both among workers and between staff and patients.  

Stay engaged with Feaniks 

At Feaniks, we focus on helping organisations provide training and development that is engaging and effective.  

Our holistic approach to employee support includes everything from courses designed to fit the needs of an individual worker to opportunities for feedback through one-to-ones with managers.  

We encourage collaboration through both work and forums, and help keep workers engaged with customisable public dashboards that can give them a quick look at the latest news relevant to their industry and organisation.  

We also provide leaderboards, to help incentivise workers to excel in their training and development. 

Keeping your workers engaged is one of the most important things if your organisation is to succeed. And making sure you’re providing the right professional training and development is one of the most important ways to do this. If you’re interested in how Feaniks can help you learn how to make training more engaging, why not check out our offering for employers? 

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