How to Build a Community for Your Staff 

Building a sense of community at work is one of the most important things for organisations to learn. A strong work community helps keep workers engaged, invested, and inspired.  

In this post, we’re going to explain the importance of building a strong workplace community, we’ll outline some steps you can take to help your work community flourish and we’ll show how the workplace training programmes we offer at Feaniks can help you on your way.  

Why community is important at work  

Before you can go about building your work community, you need to understand why community is important at work and what it can give your team.  

Having a cohesive workplace community provides benefits like:  

  • Higher morale and job satisfaction  
  • Greater willingness to collaborate and share work  
  • Improved ability to identify and address problems, as well as to innovate and embrace new ideas 

Together, all of this will help keep your workforce happy and engaged, improving staff retention and performance, as well as employee wellbeing.  

How to build community at work  

A strong sense of community has always been one of the main things that sets a strong and successful organisation apart. With the changes to working life caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the rise of hybrid working and working from home, this is more important than ever. Those same changes, though, mean that businesses need to think all the more carefully about how to nurture a sense of belonging in the workplace.  

Schedule regular team meetings and encourage collaborative work  

Promoting collaboration is the key to establishing a strong sense of community at work. Regular team meetings provide an excellent platform for employees to share ideas, exchange feedback and work together on projects.  

Encouraging employees to collaborate, meanwhile, fosters a sense of camaraderie and helps avoid the dangers of individuals working in silos. It also paves the way for a more creative process, as individuals can discuss solutions and ideas together.  

Provide opportunities for online and in-person socialising and teambuilding  

The rise of flexible working has meant that organisations need to adapt in different ways. One of the most important is in their approach to team building: in many cases, you can no longer count on all of your workers being in on a Friday for after work drinks. 

Rather than running from this, you should embrace the opportunities offered by increased use of remote working platforms. At Feaniks, our online platform offers a range of options to help your company make the best use of digital technology. 

Other ways to keep working from home social include: 

  • Scheduling online stand-ups and team meetings 
  • Setting aside time for virtual coffee and lunch breaks 
  • Encouraging frequent and active communication  

At the same time, you should remember the importance of in-person interactions to building a strong community. Having set office days for teams that work together can be a great way to get the best of both worlds – especially if you make time in the afternoons or evenings for social activities as well.  

Celebrate business wins and employee achievements  

Everyone likes to feel valued, both as an individual and as part of a winning team. Recognising and celebrating strong performance is a great way to reinforce a sense of community in the workplace.  

Publicly rewarding employees for their hard work boosts their confidence and motivation and helps them feel loyal. Celebrating wins, meanwhile, helps them see how their efforts make them part of a winning team.  

Consider implementing an employee recognition programme to regularly acknowledge outstanding contributions, and work to build a culture of celebration and appreciation. 

Offer tools and resources for learning and training on the job  

One of the best ways to build a strong community at work is by giving your workers the ability to learn and develop on the job. Investing in your workers’ career progression helps them to feel valued, improving staff retention and developing a friendly and flourishing workplace culture.  

It shows employees that your organisation is committed to their development. In turn, they’ll reward you with loyalty and strong performance. 

Improving community with Feaniks 

At Feaniks, we know how investing in employee development can transform your organisation. When workers have access to training programmes tailored to their needs, they feel valued and supported. They naturally get better at their jobs, are more able to help each other and are more engaged and productive.  

At Feaniks, we’re focused on community and collaboration.  

To that end, we offer:  

  • Forums where teams and managers can share ideas and best practices 
  • Monthly online webinars to help managers measure the impact of the training 
  • One-to-one and group meetings between workers and managers 
  • Collaboration and feedback between employers and learners 

Crucially, we know the importance of ensuring managers are invested in employee training and development. After all, you can’t build a strong community at work without involving everyone at every layer of the company.  

Building a sense of community at work is one of the most important ways to help your organisation flourish. It keeps your workers happy and productive,and ensures investment and engagement at all levels.  

Responsive, bespoke workplace training and development is a major part of that. If you want to see how training can help you build a community, why not explore our site? 

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