Safe Handling and Administration of Medication

A comprehensive course for anyone involved in handling or administering medication in any setting


What you will cover

  • Responsibilities, legislation and guidance
  • Types of medication
  • Routes of administration
  • Time critical medicines, spacing doses and non-daily doses
  • Preparing to administer - 6 'R's of administration, secondary dispensing, checks before administering, physiological measurements
  • Records - recording the administration, MAR records, transferring and transcribing information
  • Monitoring the effects of medication - side effects and allergic reactions
  • Medication reviews
  • Tolerance & dependence
  • Medication errors - errors of commission and omission, recording of errors, examples of errors, causes of errors
  • Chain of events - prescribing, dispensing, administration, monitoring, compliance .Ordering, receiving, storing and disposal of medicines
  • Common groups of medication and what they are used for - generic and brand names
  • Homely remedies, covert medication, Aids for self-medication, crushing medication
  • The difference between supporting with and administering medication
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